Unique Software Design develops, implements and installs APPLICATION TEMPLATES.

An application template is a specification for a pattern or style of application that when combined with an APPLICATION ELEMENT MAP and a BUSINESS OBJECT SKETCH yields a complete and fully functional application. These concepts are analogous to, but more complex and general than, the C++ concepts of CLASS (or FUNCTION) TEMPLATE, TEMPLATE CLASS (or FUNCTION) DECLARATION, and CLASS DECLARATIONS used by the declaration, respectively.

The advantages of using application templates include rapid development, lower development costs, simplified maintenance, fewer defects, and uniformity of design and user interface. The look and feel of the final application, of course, can be customized. For example, the output of web applications can be stylized by using CSS and XSLT.

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Unique Software Designs' current flagship software product is Datamaster™, a universal object database generation, management, access, and analysis system. Datamaster™ provides several application templates for database web applications.

The structure of Unique Software Design is two-fold. Unique Software Design is built around a core software development team that provides constant improvement to current products and a constant stream of new products and ideas. Unique Software Design consulting services leverage the technology innovations of the core development team to provide superior information systems and support for industry. These two business aspects of Unique Software Designs are mutually inter-dependent: one cannot exist without the other. The technical innovation provided by the core development unit is guided by the customer community via its connect through the consulting services. The consulting services are much more than just a body shop, since it is leveraging our current technology in the market place and provide requirements for future developments.

Our products are based on Linux systems, and take advantage of open source and GPL software to the extent possible, thus minimizing the up front investment and maximizing reliability.

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