A representative selection of our current and previous projects.


Datamaster is a suite of software applications that unlocks the true potential of your database. As an added benefit the system reduces the cost and overhead of developing and maintaining database systems.

VDOT Safety Service Patroller Application™

A thin webclient designed to collect and manage data generated by VDOT's Safety Service Patrollers and associated employees.

International Transportation Planner™

This is a tool that assists in the planning and evaluation of international shipping channels. The central concept is that of a transportation channel template and the set of consistency rules thereof. A transportation channel template is selected based on the nature of the items being shipped, and a number of actual channels can then be automatically constructed from the database of services and government regulations, fees and taxes.

Event Monitor™

Event Monitor is an application that manages the status of a collection of entities as they evolve though an event path.

Exchange Broker™

An online exchange broker that allows traders to exchange goods and services on line.

Laboratory Management System™

The Laboratory Management System is a web application designed for managing and reporting on the assets of a company's equipment assets.

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